To develop and maintain a platform for baseball players to develop their skills and succeed to the next level.

To provide an enjoyable and wholesome family oriented entertainment atmosphere.

To contribute to youth sports organizations.




The creation of a new organized baseball league in small to medium sized
communities. Some of these communities have been abandoned of affiliated
professional baseball during the last several decades due to professional teams
demanding new stadiums and money infusion by the local governments. Some
communities have not advanced to the next level, which for them, is hosting a high-level
organized team.

As the game of baseball changes, the communities that once supported them stay the same. Bringing baseball back to the communities of the past needs no reintroduction. Therefore, these communities are willing and ready to be once again proud of a hometown baseball team and appreciates what a "home team" will do for not only their community, but also the game
they once embraced in the past.

The Arizona-Mexico League, is dedicated to bringing baseball back to the Southwest and surrounding areas. Players will be given the opportunity to advance to the next level, the local fans including children and the business community will all greatly benefit from the existence of the local teams governed by the AZMX.